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Axel's Theme!

2013-06-05 05:21:54 by NexhasUnleashed

Didn't realize people actually looked at this thing so I guess its a good way to keep you informed~
Going to be remixing Axels Theme from Kingdom Hearts Next


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2013-06-05 09:04:06

Though I wish you the best of luck with the remix I just checked out a bunch of your other remixs and have to say you need to learn to make remix's without using the midi's for them.

Its obvious you are just downloading the midi for these themes then just changing the instruments, try perhaps building the melodies yourself to make it more original and exciting.

Anyway, best of luck

NexhasUnleashed responds:

Not entirely true actually , While I respect your advice I usually use the midi to find out how much tracks I should aiming for and then redo it from scratch I usually dont like to deviate from the original to much as I feel I am paying a respect to the original that I love A.K.A If it aint broke dont fix it

Though I thank you for the luck :P


2014-05-09 11:10:47

I've become a huge fan of yours as of late, maybe you could check out some of my work and give me a few pointers? I can tell you put in a lot of work into your audio and I would appreciate any input you can give me.