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Moved to Soundcloud!

2015-07-14 14:29:00 by NexhasUnleashed

All my new remixes will be uploaded there!
Hope to see you guys on the other side :)

EDIT - New remixes will also be uploaded here so if you don't want to visit SoundCloud I got you covered :)

Axel's Theme!

2013-06-05 05:21:54 by NexhasUnleashed

Didn't realize people actually looked at this thing so I guess its a good way to keep you informed~
Going to be remixing Axels Theme from Kingdom Hearts Next

Playing Golden Sun!

2013-06-03 10:21:05 by NexhasUnleashed

Gone back to play through golden sun again so expect most of my new stuff to be Golden Sun based :)

Made a youtube :P

2012-06-12 16:36:46 by NexhasUnleashed

My Youtube account please sub and view :)

2 Songs being remade

2012-06-11 20:36:19 by NexhasUnleashed

I've decided that Angel Island Zone and Lava Reef Zone are'nt up to my standard of music production and they will be remade in the coming weeks :)

Finally back!

2012-01-27 18:53:49 by NexhasUnleashed

I left newgrounds and deleted all the songs I could but I decide to come back now that I've started my music production course! :P

So I should be making more songs on a regular basis , and please all give reviews its your opinions that give me inspiration and ideas!